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It's a Siberian Husky's Snowy Dream World

I t's been a Siberian Husky dreamworld here as another snow storm came and dropped about eight inches of the fluffy white stuff, just enough for the FiveSibes to have a blast in!  It's amazing to see the sheer excitement that fills their eyes when they know they are going to run on their "play" side of the yard - but add a mass of snow to that, and well, there were just beautiful Sibe smiles abounding!  J ust a few reminders for some safety and health tips for us all to keep in mind for when our canine companions are busy romping in the snow:  Never run them on a full stomach. We wait a good hour to two hours before letting them run. By the same token, don't feed them dinner right after a good run. Give them time to rest. Again, we always wait about an hour to two. Our feeding schedule is a split of their daily intake into two feedings on in the AM and one in the PM, and exercise in the middle of the day, if possible. Running them on a full stomach or right bef