Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a Siberian Husky's Snowy Dream World

It's been a Siberian Husky dreamworld here as another snow storm came and dropped about eight inches of the fluffy white stuff, just enough for the FiveSibes to have a blast in! 

It's amazing to see the sheer excitement that fills their eyes when they know they are going to run on their "play" side of the yard - but add a mass of snow to that, and well, there were just beautiful Sibe smiles abounding! 

Just a few reminders for some safety and health tips for us all to keep in mind for when our canine companions are busy romping in the snow:
  •  Never run them on a full stomach. We wait a good hour to two hours before letting them run. By the same token, don't feed them dinner right after a good run. Give them time to rest. Again, we always wait about an hour to two. Our feeding schedule is a split of their daily intake into two feedings on in the AM and one in the PM, and exercise in the middle of the day, if possible. Running them on a full stomach or right before eating can cause them serious intestinal distress, and possibly bloat. Very dangerous situations. To be safe, err on the side of caution.
  • Protect their feet. Ice and snow can get packed in between their toes and frozen onto their fur thereby chapping the pads or even give them an ice "burn" on their pads. Salt is another culprit. If you are de-icing walkways, steps, and driveways, use a pet-friendly type of de-icer. Most pet stores sell this pet-safe product. If you are walking your dog and it's road salt, be sure to clean their feet off upon returning home and use a conditioner. Before I send the Sibes out, I use a nice spray liquid protectant that contains all natural ingredients (I am not a paid product endorser, but I really like Paw Pro). Just spray it onto the foot pads, leg, tail, and even the underbelly for some nice snow and ice protection. Their paws will be a little slippery, so just keep an eye on them going down steps.
  • Be sure to keep lots of water around to keep them hydrated, especially in the colder temps when water bowls can freeze. Running in the cold doesn't make them any less thirsty.
We sure hope your furbaby had some snow to enjoy and here are a few more pics from the Sibes' totally fun day in the snow:


  1. Snow is meant for them! They look so happy...that's a dream come true for all the five of them!! We just love to see them play in those white stuff!!

  2. Thanks for the tip on paw spray. I think I'll check that out. It would be a whole lot easier than boots!

  3. Wow, Khyra has got to be jealous of all that snow! Maybe you could ship her some to Pawsylvania?

  4. It looks like they were having a marvelous time out in the snow! I'd never heard of the paw spray, but of course it doesn't snow enough here for me to have heard of it. Thanks for all the tips. We're supposed to get an inch or so of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. Nothing like the 14 inches we got the day after Christmas though.

    Hope all the Sibes have fun in the snow!!

    Elyse and Riley

  5. That is a Sibe dream come true!! There is talk of snow fur us next week...maybe my Airedale dreams will come true!!
    Have Fun!!


  6. Oh what joy!!! Sigh - if only we had some snow, we could get the humans to follow all those safety tips:(

    Have lots of fun and keep the photos coming - we are getting our snow fix virtually.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. *SIGH!*

    Real live deep snow!

    I got another inch today but the sun rekhlaimed most of it -

    Mom says she SO knows 'that' look - when we were on my Trek to The Tundra and went to the off leash park with Princess Eva and Brice The Handsome there was snow there - and when she took off the leash, I took off with THAT look - even the nice Vicky lady got to see it!

    Then all they saw was fluffy tail!


  8. Hi! We're here with the Saturday Pet Blog Hop! Your dogs look like they're having lots of fun! We get snow and ice in our paws when we go out sometimes, and we limp around. Maybe we'll ask our Mama to buy some of that PawPro stuff! Or else, she could get us some boots!

  9. You really got lots of snow to have fun in didn't you! We got some that turned into ice but they are calling for more. Have lots of fun! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  10. That looks like lots of fun! I don't know anything about playing in snow, but Mom says she'll take me to the mountains soon. Then I can run and have fun like you do. I'll be careful about all those things you told us about though. I don't want my feet all icky!

  11. We just got a dusting here. I wish we had as much as you!


  12. Your pack is lovely! Thanks for stopping by Doggies and Stuff today!

    Doreen, Kiko, Millie and Riley

  13. Now all you need is that kicksled that you were talking about!! :) Looks like they were all having a good time. Your wooly Sibe really stands out among everyone!! That's some fur!! (Sorry I don't know their name)

  14. You do have a dream world! So pretty.... and fun oh and I mean the snow too. Woos had a great day! Arooooo!!

    PS- momma says you'll probably thrilled I wear mittens. My paws are protected. oh and happy birthday Gibson! How did I miss it?

  15. We are so jealous of all your snow. You all look beautiful in the white stuff.:)

    Teddy Bear

  16. Waiting after you eat is so important. Sometimes when I go out after dinner the neighbor dog wants to do fence zoomies and momma always calls me back in side to finish my digestions. Boo hoo.


  17. OMD! I live in Florida so I have never seen snow...but THAT snow looks like lotsa fun! I wish I was there for that romp in the snow! You Sibes are lucky dawgs!!
    xxx Oz

  18. Fantastic pictures! They are really in their element!

    In Denmark it has been snowing and freezing since the start of november. Which has never happened before so we have been lucky. Our dogs (Kenzo and Viva, Hovawarts) just love it, you would think they are Huskies :)

  19. Hi Y'all,

    We're at the shore, so we missed the big snow! My Human's brothers say we had 22 inches at the mountain house yesterday morning and it was still snowing and supposed to keep on coming through Thursday. Hey folks, I can't even walk in snow that deep! What fun is that? I'll stay here at the shore where I can run on the beach and play!

    You guys who were born for snow, enjoy it! I'll watch.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  20. Nothing better than snow fun!

    Absolutely brilliant photos.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  21. Woo-hoo!!!! SNOW!!!!!! Siberian Dreamland is right! Love seeing all those smiles and happy pups! We only got an inch or so, but we're smilin' in Rhode Island!

    jack & moo

  22. Awesome, awesome, awesome happy Sibe pics!!
    Thanks for those reminders, and I'd like to add one of my own. Along with the eating and waiting, also eating and then drinking (alot) can add to risk of bloat - all that sloshing around of food and water can flip the tummy more easily!

  23. Looks like we got the same snow here that you did! We are having a fabulous time playing in it too!

    Holly and Khady

  24. Beautiful photos! They're really in their element! Excellent advice too. We're very careful here about eating and exercise timing. Have a nice week!