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A Snow Dog's Happiness is to Run Like the Wind

  Flashback Photo ~ Bandit ~ Winter 2017     "Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."    ~Emily Dickinson     We just had our first accumulation of snow and it made me think of how much my FiveSibes loved snow zoomies! Now they all loved to run through it, naturally, but Bandit really loved it. The deeper the snow, the bigger her smile! She was a power house of a dog and lightning fast. When it snowed, it was always a joy to see my FiveSibes in their element, and in this Flashback photo and the video where I slowed it down to show her powerfully strong strides, Bandit's pure joy shines through. I still cannot believe she is not here. She was so strong and healthy...until the beast named hemangiosarcoma took her down.   I love to think of her having her wild snow zoomies with that beautiful smile on her face along with Harley, Gibson, and Chloe north of the Rainbow Bridge, a place reserved just for our happy snow dogs, like our Bee.     The Linky t