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Please Vote for Wolf as THE "Dirty Dog!"

Calling all furpals and their hu-families! Wolf of the FiveSibes needs your help! He is entered into the Surf Dog Ricochet's "Dirty Dog" Photo Contest and sure could use your vote to help our Mud Monster have a shot at the "Dirty Dog" title! We only have until Friday night to gather votes! We have two photos entered that show how this pure white Husky can certainly camouflage himself and transform into the Mud Monster when the rainy season comes! There is not a mud puddle he doesn't enjoy! All you have to do to help Wolf is go to the Surf Dog Ricochet's Facebook page,  click on the link there for the Dirty Dog Photo Contest album, find Wolf's two pics (you can click here too), and "Like" them! That's it! Vote for the "Shy Mud Monster Face" photo shown above and then go right to the next photo that is a full-body "Mud Monster" photo shown below and "Like" that one, too. However, you will need to "Li