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H is for Hope for Dogs Diagnosed With Hemangiosarcoma

 The beautiful face of a dog living with hemangiosarcoma ~ Jan Jasa's "Suka"   A diagnosis of Hemangiosarcoma (HSA) strikes dread in the heart of dog parents. What is it? Can dogs live with it? Is there a treatment? What about holistic care? All of these are excellent questions for a devastatingly aggressive cancer in dogs. HSA can suddenly affect a dog of any breed (although some breeds may be more genetically prone to get HSA) at any time in their lives. The prognosis for a dog with this very aggressive form of cancer is usually grim with the dog having only a few weeks to a few months to live, regardless of whether there is surgery or not. Often times this sneaky cancer can go undetected, as in the case of two of my own dogs, Siberian Huskies “Gibson” and “Bandit,” until the dog suddenly collapses, and we are possibly faced with the most difficult decision a pet parent has to make—euthanasia.   According to the Morris Animal Foundation , “Every two minutes, a precious