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A Frighteningly Fun Howloween! Dog Bandanas, Pet Pumpkin Stencils & Purple Pumpkins!

  #FiveSibes #FlashbackPhoto ~ Halloween 2012 ~ Chloe H appy Howloween Time! My FiveSibes loved this time of year, from the crisp runs through the maple leaves to the making of pumpkin dog treats, the energy level of my five Siberian Huskies was always high! It was conrtagious, too! Watching them play and zoomie through the leaves was so much fun! And I loved having them in my kitchen to taste test the treats I'd bake for them, it was always a wonderful time that brought smiles to my face and yes, they had happy Sibe smiles for miles.   Affiliate Notice: This post contains a few affiliate links for Amazon. Your purchase using our link simply means we will earn a small commission *at no extra charge* to you! There are also some free links, too!   This post, since Halloween is just a few short days away, will of course be Halloween fun oriented! BANDANAS Now how cute is this dog Halloween bandana?! I bought this for Wolfie and he looked adorable in it! They actually have 3 different