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Flashback Friday Revisits Gibson's Book Debut, Great Book Reviews & November's Epi-Tip #7

It's Flashback Friday and it's since it is also November's Epilepsy Awareness Month , I thought I'd partner up the two. This photo is a throwback to November 2011 when my first FiveSibes™ Tale, What's Wrong With Gibson? Learning About K-9 Epilepsy (ArcticHouse Publishing) was published. Based on Gibson's true story of being an Epi-dog (canine epileptic), this adorably illustrated book by artist Michelle Littler, tells in rhyming format all about when a dog (Gibson) has a seizure, how he gets help (from the pack family), and has a few tips that should a child see their own pet in a seizure, they hopefully won't be afraid and they will even know a thing or two to do to help.    Writer's Digest Magazine ***   “What’s Wrong With Gibson? covers a topic with which many simply aren’t familiar – K-9 Epilepsy – and it is written in a delightful style that is both entertaining and informative for virtually any age group, from