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Our 7th Annual #LiveGibStrong Purple Day® for Epilepsy Blog Hop. #GoPurple With Us!

FiveSibes™ K9 Epilepsy Ambassadog & the Beautiful Face of #LiveGibStrong ~ "Gibson"       "People affected by epilepsy will change the face of epilepsy."   ~Anita Kaufmann Foundation U.S.A. Global Partner of Purple Day®   Those words in the above quote shared by the Anita Kaufmann Foundation are so very true. When a beloved pet is diagnosed with epilepsy, it needs to become our mission to advocate for them. In years past, a diagnosis of epilepsy often meant a recommendation for euthanasia. Thankfully, that is not the case today! There are lots of resources, information, and treatments to help manage epileptic seizures in dogs. Find out everything you can about Canine Epilepsy, and become informed on the topic so that you can have intelligent question-and-answer discussions with your veterinarian about what the best management care of your dog should be. Epi-dogs can-- and DO --live happy lives, and can certainly do whatever other dogs who do not have epi