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Bandit's Gift of Snow

Wolfie received a surprise today...a sign from his sister, Bandit--snow!   "Snow!" enjoys Wolfie. One week ago tomorrow, our dear Bandit girl made her journey to the snowy fields north of the Rainbow Bridge, a place where Siberian Huskies go to find their family and friends in the forever snow. Bandit loved the snow, as most "snow dogs" do. Huskies were born for snow. Whenever it snows, it is truly natures gift to the Siberian Husky and many of their dog friends.     In Bandit's memorial post , I mentioned that our girl was strong, tough, and resilient, and like a Husky, was easily distracted by passing birds, fluttering butterflies, buzzing bees, squirrels, opossums, cats, and other dogs. This distraction, I noted, would most likely delay her arrival at the Rainbow Bridge, where our dearly departed Harley, her big brother Gibson, and her pupster sister Chloe would all be waiting for her.      How I picture my four furangels reuniting in those snowy Rainbow Br