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Happy National Dog Day!

Woooo! While it does not take a specific date to tell us our furkids are so very special and deserving of all of our love, today is National Dog Day - a special day just for them, and a day to remember the love and dedication they have for us and a reminder for us to be the best pet parents we can be! It's also a great day to remember those dogs in shelters who are less fortunate than our own and if you can, stop by and spend a little time visiting a homeless pet in a shelter, or rescue and make their day a special one, too! If you can't physically visit a dog in need, check with the shelter/rescue and see in what other ways you can help some homeless pets, even if it's sharing the word about their availability to loving forever homes. National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige . This day was, according to the website, a day "created to honor dogs more than w