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An Inspirational Siberian Husky Celebrates Her Sweet 16 Birthday!

Today is a very special day! It's "Faith" DaBaldo's "Sweet 16" Birthday! This inspirational Siberian Husky I met several years ago and have since become wonderful friends with her mother! We thank our furbabies for introducing us! Isn't it wonderful the people we meet through our dogs? Her hu-mom, Jeanette, helps keep this beauty youthful through a number of alternative therapies including AquaTread, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and stem cell therapy! Faith loves the snow and spending time with her hu-mom and hu-dad, and sometimes this sweet-faced angel enjoys some Husky zoomies and a can even give a little Husky sass! This sweet girl is an inspiration to pet parents every where!  To read more about Faith's story, check out my article on her in American Pet Magazine's volume 4, issue 2, starting on page 10!  And to hear her hu-mom talk about this amazing dog and her treatments, tune in to my sho