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Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Daughter, the FiveSibes' Other Mom, on this Very Special Flashback Friday!

  "Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you..."   Today is a very special day for 25 years ago the most beautiful, amazing girl was born and has filled my l ife with so much love and joy e ach and every day since - my wonderful d aughter and very best friend!  So for this edition of Flashback Friday, I'd like to dedicate it to my Birthday girl and her furbabies of yesterday a nd today! Pictured abo ve in an ode to my family's first dog that touched my daughter's life when she was just a little girl - her then best friend, (now a f ura ngel) , puppy Chelsey , who came home with us after we adopted her from our local SPCA . She spent the next 13 years always playing and watching over my daughter ...and go ing on the swing set with her! De voted love. A bove my d aughter is wit h her first baby, Harley, our first Siberian Husky on the day that, unbeknownst to us at the time, would be the kick-off of the beginning of the FiveSibes