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Happy 8th Birthday, Pupsters!

Our Pupsters turn eight today! I can't believe it! I always love their birthday because this trio was able to grow up together! Watching them play and interact with each other from puppy stage to now 8-year-old puppy stage, has just been an amazing experience. They have such an amazing bond. They each have their own special traits and quirks, and yes, they have a bossy older sister (Bandit), just like siblings do, but they all love each other and eat, play, and sleep with each other with so much trust and love, it just warms my heart. They always loved their big brother, Gibson, and Harley immediately took on the role of surrogate mother when we brought these babies home!  I recently read somewhere that someone was looking for help raising two littermates, and one of the comments suggested she quick rehome one as it is never a good idea to welcome two puppies from the same litter into one's home. Ha! Rubbish, I say! My three are so wonderful, and truly bonded. Do they