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November is (K9) Epilepsy Awareness Month: #LiveGibStrong

It's November 1st and that means it's Epilepsy Awareness Month. Here at FiveSibes, we focus mainly on Canine Epilepsy and the message that dogs can and do live happy lives, for however long we are blessed to have them. As many of my longtime readers and listeners know, my advocacy for Canine Epilepsy was inspired by my own beautiful boy, Gibson, a wooly Siberian Husky who was diagnosed shortly after his third birthday in 2009. He lived a happy, amazing life and inspired me to have faith, confidence, and always keep trying, just like he did! While we managed his seizures through a regmien of anti-seizure medications, supplements, and alternative and holistic therapies, Gibson did experience side effects of the meds such as lethargy, voracious appetite, weight gain, weak hind -end issues, ataxia, and bouts of vomiting. Each of these side effects, we combatted as they came...and he overcame so many of them. After two years of a strict diet and rehab, he lost 20 pounds he init