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Thankful Thursday

We have a lot to be howling about! Just one week from today is Thanksgiving, and while I was caught up in my nightly Husky Huddle of hugs, wet noses, and chatty woos, I started reflecting upon all the things to be thankful for. There are so many, but these top my list: Being alive. Being part of a wonderful family. Having a beautiful daughter who is my best friend. Having beautiful, loving Huskies. Having an adorable abandoned cat accept and adopt us . Having good friends. Having good health for family, friends, and furbabies. I've now added to this list some new friends we are thankful for--both furpals and human. Thanks to the wonderful thing called technology that includes Tweeting, blogging, chatting, texting, and communicating via other social networking systems, the FiveSibes and I have "met" some truly nice, inspirational, and supportive folks and their furbabies. It's great to have the capability of talking about our pets and their love, devotion,