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Huskies Test Big Brother's Patience on a #FlashbackFriday!

 #FiveSibes Flashback ~ 2011 ~ Gibson With "pupsters" Bandit & Wolfie   So, why is Gibson sticking out his tongue? It's not the first time since the puppies joined our family in 2009 that he donned this look! See, if you know the story of our FiveSibes, this will make sense to you. To recap, our OG FiveSibes were Harley (who joined our family in 2005), then Gibson (in early 2006)...and they were our "married couple" as Gibson fell in love with Harley the second his fluffy four-month-old self set eyes on her! So until 2008, it was just the two of them...until three two-and-a-half month puppies crashed their lives! When the puppies first came home, they took over well, everything!    "A family is a circle of love, not broken by a loss, but made stronger  by the memories." ~Unknown   We had a beautiful flat-roofed dog log cabin (that I actually put together) that Gibson loved to lay on top of, channeling his inner Snoopy, while Harley lounged as the q