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The Next Big Thing!

What have my FiveSibes™ characters been up to? Last week, I was so excited to learn from humor writer Carol E. Wyer, who is the author of Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, Surfing in Stilletos , and the creatively funny force behind the Facing 50 With Laughter blog , that I was tagged for a feature entitled "The Next Big Thing." This weekly feature, where each author passes the torch on to five others for the following week's "The Next Big Thing," is all about writing and what "The Next Big Thing" writers are working on. What a great way to learn more about an author and discover some new reads. At the end of my session, I'll be tagging five other authors, so be sure to read along! So much fun! Many "woos" from the Sibe kids and a huge "Thank You" from this FiveSibesMom to Carol for selecting me! I shall carry the torch with pride. Here we go... What is the working title of your book? Getting Healthy With Harley