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Daylight Saving Time: Adjust Your Dog's Inner Time Clock and Watching Shadow Shot Sunday!

It's also Shadow Shot Sunday! Even though with the arrival of Daylight Saving Time (DST), we are losing an hour as spring approaches, the lighter days make it feel like there are more hours in the day. With it being light out later, there's more time to walk and play with our furkids, spend time with family, and uncover the BBQ grills!  The arrival of spring's DST is so welcome! It even makes work days seem shorter with more time being spent outside and at home in the  lighter evenings. I guess if we snow-loving Sibe families have to forfeit the white fluffy stuff when the warmer weather arrives, the upside of the deal is lighter "longer" days. Back in the fall for November's DST blog , I highlighted some pet safety reminders that I would like to just reiterate and update here for the spring DST: Help reset your pet's internal clock for specifically time medications by staggering them for the first to match the new lost hour. Example:  If yo