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We are Sending Heartfelt Condolences to the Rockin da Huskies Family

Graphic Source: Rockin da Huskies Hearing the devastating news that the Twete Family of Rockin' da Huskies , Rockin' da Moots , Rockin' da Rescue , Rockin da Shirts , suffered a devastating loss this past weekend when their beautiful daughter/sister, Cat Twete, was killed in an auto accident, it was just unimaginable. Rockin da Huskies has been iconic in the rescue and northern breed world, and so many of us have at least one (or many) Rockin shirt, decal, or product in our closet. They have so generously helped many rescues, auctions, and causes, including our own FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong K-9 Epilepsy Fundraiser this past November. While we do not know them personally, but rather through our social media Husky "neighborhood," we all, through our love of dogs, do feel very connected to each other in our community, and we feel the loss of one of its members. It just breaks my heart to know the pain this family is going through and we can only send out our heart

Merry Meme Monday Brings Safety Tips for Safe Independence Day Celebrations

  Lots of celebrations have already begun, including many fireworks. Here's a few of our FiveSibes tips to help your pet have a safe and enjoyable July 4th! With a little planning, the fun and festive holiday can be an enjoyable one for everyone in the family, including our pets!

Gibson, My #HeroPet

On my Mon day blog post, I talked about "Max," the movie. And in my post, I mentioned that Warner Bros. wanted to know  why we believe our dog to be a #HeroPet. Pets can be heroes for many different reasons. K9 Soldiers. Police. Search and Rescue. Therapy. Seizure Alert Dogs. Advocacy. My wooly Siberian Husky boy, Gibson, is a #HeroPet to me. He is the face of Canine Epilepsy awareness, an Epi-dog (canine epileptic), and he is a warrior, bravely living his life to the fullest even with special needs. He never lets set backs keep him down for long. And if his story inspires others to either adopt a dog with epilepsy or help give them the resources and emotional support for their own journey with an Epi-dog, then it's a job well done! #LiveGibStrong As many of you who have followed my blog for awhile know, Gibson and my journey began back in 2009, shortly after his third birthday. He had a grand mal seizure that scared me to the core. I walked in on him stiff,

It's "Take Your Dog To Work Day" ~and~ Flashback Friday!

Bandit loves to help me proof my writing. Today is Pet Sitters International (PSI) 17th Annual "Take Your Dog To Work Day (TYDTWDay ®)!" Are you and your dog ready? The FiveSibes are all here to take a break from their busy days as a "working class" breed to offer up some helpful tips to keep in mind when bringing your dog to the office for TYDTWDay or any day!      Pre-Arrange Approval . Check with your boss that it’s okay to bring your dog to the office.     Co-Worker Allergies? Check to see if any co-workers are allergic to dogs and if they are okay with your dog in the office for the day.     Safety First. Prior to TYDTWD, be sure to puppy-proof your workspace. Be sure the area your dog will be in is free of anything poisonous, toxic, or unsafe.     Spa Day Before Work Day: Be sure to give your dogs a nice bath and grooming before them bringing to the office.      A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog : Please be sure your dog

Best Friend. Hero. Marine. "Max" the Military Working Dog Patrols the Big Silver Screen

Wolf is ready to see "Max!"   "The nose of a dog...the heart of a Marine."   ~Max, the Movie My FiveSibes and I are pretty excited about a new movie that coming out. I initially  hard about "Max" from my daughter. Having been both been long-time fans of actress Lauren Graham and the Gilmore Girls TV series, and knowing my affinity for all things canine, combined with my interest and previous articles on Military Working Dogs (MWD), my daughter sent me a trailer for the movie. I knew immediately this was a movie I wanted to see. Fast forward a week and here I am quite thrilled to be sharing details of what promises to be a classic movie! "Max" is a family action-adventure movie from Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures from writer/director Boaz Yakin (“Remember the Titans,” “Now You See Me”). Official Warner Bros. "Max" movie poster. The official synopsis of the movie is: " ' Max "