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Safety Information Week: Pet Fire Safety

It's Safety Information Week here in Blogville and all week long there have been/will be posts on very important topics, including our today's extended post on Pet Fire Safety . Be sure to check out our original post HERE to see the full line-up of posts during this very special blog hop to visit to read about vital information for our pet's health and safety from fellow bloggers here in our online community. We here at the FiveSibes want to once again talk about the importance of Pet Fire Safety. Although we did a post for National Pet Fire Safety Day (July 15), we believe so strongly in Pet Fire Safety, that we chose to talk about it once again and more in depth featuring tips, recommendations, a drawing, a video of a Husky who was burned and rescued from a house fire, and an in-depth heart-to-heart conversation with the Husky's mom and neighbor about the frightening ordeal. The goal of this post is to share vital information that could possibly safe a pet'