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Licensed Sibes in the Car: Bark Buckle Up!

Gibson is proud of his Pet Safety Card. Just in time for holiday travel, I'd like to once again talk about pet travel safety, expanding upon my original Be Smart Ride Safe post from October when we took "the Pledge" to continue buckling up our Sibes for safety. Today is a very important day in the FiveSibes' household. In the mail arrived all five of their driver's licenses. Well, actually, they are canine passenger Pet Safety Registration Cards. These cards look similar to our driver's licenses, and include a valid photo of our pet, as well as valuable information about our pets who travel with us. The cards are kept in the car's glove compartment. An alert sticker is placed on the car's driver's side window to notify emergency personnel that this information is on board in case of an accident or other travel incident.   Information listed on the card includes the pet's name, type, sex, breed, color, birthdate, weight, vet