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Frozen Berry Yogurt Bites on a Tasty Tuesday & FREE Downloadable Pet Food Labels!

Wolf likes what he sees...fresh organic strawberries! Oh, it's such a wonderful time of year here for berries! Strawberries are ripened red and huge, as  you can see in this photo with Chloe! And the blueberries are oh-so plump and sweet! If your dog is anything like our FiveSibes, they love some berries mixed in with their food, or a sweet treat made with berries! Since it's almost summer, what's better than a cool fresh berry treat?            Bandit enjoying her frozen berry treat!                        Are Berries Good for my Dog? As with any new foods introduced to your dog, always consult your veterinarian first. Certain berries, in moderation, can be a healthy additive to your dog's diet. According to a University of Alaska study with sled dogs, "Blueberry supplementation did elicit significantly elevated antioxidant status in sled dogs post exercise. This suggests that dogs fed blueberries while exercising as compared to d