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Gibson: Celebrating A Very Special Dog on His Birthdate

#FlashbackFriday ~ Gibson's Birthday ~ January 6, 2014 The gorgeous face that melted my heart. Today will always be a special day in my mind and in my heart as it is my beloved Gibson's birthday...what would have been his 17th. And those birthday parties? Oh, how much fun we had! Gibson's birthday was right after Christmas so birthday pics and ice cream cake for all FiveSibes to enjoy in front of the tree just seemed magical. Now looking back, or "flashing" back, I am so happy for those wonderful memories and making their birthdays so special. When I would pull out the bone-shaped cake pan to make their ice cream cakes, they knew it was a party! As soon as they heard me open the cabinet, all five would come running into the kitchen woooing with Gibbie doing his excited hip-hop dance! There was just so much joy spent with them. And Gibson was such a large character~both in size and in personality~you  just had to smile.    Cake Time! All join in! #Flashback ~ 2014