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Goodbye Sweet Chloe ~ Love You, CoCo Puff

  "Chloe" Van Wylde of Mystic Mountain Today was not at all what we expected. While the day dawned a beautiful, sunny, breezy Saturday...just one phone call catapulted our morning into a morning of mourning, filled with shock and sadness as we helped our sweet Chloe earn her furangel wings and journey North of the Rainbow Bridge to join her older brother, Gibson. Puppy Chloe and her momma, my Daughter. To say losing Chloe to sudden acute liver failure was a total shock. Her April vet check went well for an 11.5 year old pup with arthritis. While Chloe's legs had arthritis issues that have been steadily worsening to the point she was on medication, she was still a healthy, always happy girl.  Her leg issues stem back to when she was just four and during a leap up onto my daughter's bed, she blew out both of her legs, requiring her to go in for emergency double imbrication surgeries. So thankful at the time when she actually walked out of the vet (althoug