Goodbye Sweet Chloe ~ Love You, CoCo Puff

 "Chloe" Van Wylde of Mystic Mountain
Today was not at all what we expected. While the day dawned a beautiful, sunny, breezy Saturday...just one phone call catapulted our morning into a morning of mourning, filled with shock and sadness as we helped our sweet Chloe earn her furangel wings and journey North of the Rainbow Bridge to join her older brother, Gibson.

Puppy Chloe and her momma, my Daughter.
To say losing Chloe to sudden acute liver failure was a total shock. Her April vet check went well for an 11.5 year old pup with arthritis. While Chloe's legs had arthritis issues that have been steadily worsening to the point she was on medication, she was still a healthy, always happy girl.  Her leg issues stem back to when she was just four and during a leap up onto my daughter's bed, she blew out both of her legs, requiring her to go in for emergency double imbrication surgeries. So thankful at the time when she actually walked out of the vet (although bandaged up and heavily medicated), we were told severe arthritis would set in one day...and that day came. Even with a gimp, she was on medication and full-spectrum hemp oil to help alleviate her pain, she greeted each day with bright blue eyes and always a happily wagging tail. Seeing her, how could you not smile?!

Our vet reminded us this morning of how much joy Chloe and her siblings, Wolf and Bandit, our "Pupsters" brought to us. She remembered when we first brought home the three as puppies, and she said focus on the joy and happiness she added to our lives and we gave to her. 

Oh, there are so many precious moments, including how wonderful she was with my grandson from the moment he arrived! He even learned to call her by her nickname "CoCo." So dear to watch them daughter's baby and furbaby.

Sharing in the raising of these amazing dogs with my daughter has been such a blessing, and so many days filled with laughter and silly Sibe shenangins. What is so hard for me now, is to how our FiveSibes went to four, and now three...and the empty bed, the space where Chloe should be among the others, and simply looking for the missing Sibe when the others come. So sad to know that the "three Musketeers" fondly known as "The Pupsters" will be together no longer...but, the joy in raising three littermates together and watching them bond and be each other's best friends for life is something that will always be so very special.

Chloe and littermates Wolf & Bandit: "The Pupsters" on one of their birthdays.

One of my fave photos of our fab FiveSibes, always together. The joy these Huskies have brought to our lives is something to always be treasured. Days go by way too fast. Now there are only three...but, will forever be the FiveSibes in my heart.

It's the silence that now is deafening as she was our "chatty Chloe," always talking, especially when it was meal time. That girl knew it was breakfast or dinner time a half hour ahead of time. She was like a Husky alarm clock! Oh, and how Chloe loved her treats. Honestly, Chloe just loved food. All the time! In addition to being the FiveSibes pack sweetheart, Chloe was also the chow hound! The mere mention of "treat" or "cookie" or that crinkle of a bag would have her come running front and center!

Chloe's face was that of an angel from the very beginning. The perennial puppy face. The sweetest dog,who never growled, grumbled, or grouched. Not ever. She greeted everyone every single day, almost right up until her very last, with a wag of her tail. And she never aged. Her face today was that of her puppy face, nothing belied the eleven and a half years under her collar.

Chloe was a such sweetheart, a gentle dog, who was always happy as indicated by her always-wagging tail. You couldn't help but feeling happy just being around her.

A Fave Photo of Chloe & my Daughter
Technically my daughter's second Husky (Harley is her first), Chloe and my daughter shared a very special bond. They were best pals. Chloe was so amazing and helped my daughter through some rough days. Then, after she blew out her CCLS and meniscuses and had her legs rebuilt, my daughter laid by her side all through her long rehabilitation. My husband built a special ramp for her, and all FiveSibes and family rallied around our girl. (You can read her story in my post "For the Love of Chloe" here).

It was so simple to please Chloe. A treat or meal sure made her super happy (and vocal)! That is why when she suddenly stopped eating, to the point of actually walking away from us, and then simultaneously becoming sick and vomiting, we knew something was wrong...way wrong. Yesterday she went to the vet for bloodwork and X-rays, and at first it seemed good news--no signs of cancer or growths. However, Chloe turned her nose up again at dinner, and not one snack--nothing--intrigued her. 

And then...the phone call. The news was not good--as a matter of fact, it was horrible news. Chloe was in liver failure and the critical point was coming fast.

 The very last pack photo taken with Chloe.

So on this beautiful, breezy day, we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our pack sweetheart, one of the Pupster siblings, Chloe Van Wylde of Mystic Mountain. 

Chloe, lying on her favorite bed on the back deck--our FiveSibes favorite place to be--Chloe was held by my daughter, as we both pet her and told her she was a good girl, a special girl, and it was time for her to find Gibson, her big brother, at the Rainbow Bridge. He would meet her and together they would head north, and enjoy forever zoomies together in the softest snow with rays of sunshine glistening through, always and forever in our hearts. Harley, Wolf, and Bandit were with her...Wolf staying right by her side as she eased into her forever peaceful sleep as the sun twinkled, the birds chirped, and the breeze blew.

While we are numb, and I write this through many tears, we know she is safe from pain now. And, I remind myself, it was a beautiful day for her to take a trip to north of the Rainbow Bridge, surrounded by her family who loved her.

Run free now, sweet Chloe, with your big brother Gibson; forever happy and pain free. Know you gave us so many happy memories and meant the world to my Jenn. You will always be in our hearts. And...we hope it is raining treats up there just for you.

Love You Always, sweet CoCo, 
Your Hu-Momma & Grand-Hu-Momma

I will be taking a little time off to be with Harley, Wolf, and Bandit as we grieve Chloe's loss. I want to thank each of you for all your love, well wishes, prayers, and good thoughts. Our FiveSibes feel all the love, and I know Chloe carries that with her on her wings.

Heartfelt thanks to Zoolatry for this beautiful memorial.


  1. Run free Chloe over the Rainbow Bridge to your brother Gibson, sending your Mom and all your family lots of hugs with love from us xxxxxxx

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending big hugs and lotsa luv.

  3. Oh no, we're so, so sorry to hear about dear Chloe, it's just heartbreaking. We send love and hugs to you and you grieve such a loss.

  4. Dorothy, to you, to your daughter ... and from reading Chloe's story here, to all who loved and cherished her so very much, I send my deepest sympathy. I feel I am sharing your sadness and heartache over the sudden loss of this beautiful girl. In time you will treasure the memories of the many years together, and yet a piece of your heart has left with her that can never be replaced. May she now be at peace. Our prayers are with you. Fondly, Ann

  5. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. XO

  6. The tears are streaming down my checks as I read your post. So very sorry you've lost your sweet Chloe. 💔Just heart-broken for you and yoru family. Sending oodles of poodles thoughts of comfort. Please give the the other Sibes ear rubs from us. 💜💜💜
    Your 'fur-iends,'
    Sam & Elsa 🐾

  7. I'm so, so sorry. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine the loss your pack must be feeling right now. You gave her an amazing life and I'm sure she knew how loved she was. I hope that soon the happy memories of Chloe are able to bring you joy to overshadow the pain of her loss.

  8. Charlee: "We're very sorry that Chloe had to go away."
    Chaplin: "It's never easy, but this was so unexpected!"
    Lulu: "Run free North of the Rainbow Bridge, Chloe! I am sending your family lots of tail wags!"
    Charlee: "And we're sending purrs!"

  9. So very sad. Chloe was a beauty. Soft woos and gentle hugs from all of us. She was a very lucky lady to have shared her life with such a wonderful family.

    Hugs and Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber, and Mom too

  10. This is such heartbreaking news. As we have experienced with our April and Sarah, liver failure strikes fast and furious. Sweet Chloe, rest in peace north of the Rainbow and watch over your family always. I'm so very sorry for your loss of your beautiful girl. Keep all the good memories tucked away safely in your heart. Sending hugs and love.

  11. Soft woos of sadness and gentle nuzzles of comfort at this time of aching transition. The White Dog Army shares the sense of loss and asks the Universe to grant Chloe and her entire family to know the special peace that comes from lives completely wrapped in devotion and love to each other...such a bond is forever.

  12. So sorry to hear about Chloe and that one of the Pupsters is gone. Our hearts and paws go out to you and your family. We are thinking of you.

  13. So sorry to read of your loss of Chloe. Each and every one breaks our hearts all over again.

    Soft woofs, purrs and neighs,
    Everyone at The Poupounette

  14. So so sorry for your loss of Chloe. One of the hardest things us animal people do is lose our animals. It leaves such an empty spot. Sending lots of hugs.

  15. Gentle woooos mates, safe travels Chloe,

    Nuk & Timber

  16. We are so sorry to hear Chloe has taken her winged journey north. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memorial with all of us. Sending soft purrs and gentle paw pats.

  17. I am so very very sorry to hear about your loss of your beloved Chloe. It brings tears to my eyes reading your beautiful tribute to your special girl. My prayers are with you.

  18. Beautiful post for your beautiful Chloe. Fly fee Chloe. (((hugs)))

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  19. So sad to read Chloe had to leave. She had a good life with you and we know you must miss her so very much! Warm hugs.

  20. We are so sorry to learn of Chloe's passing. Run free, sweet girl ! See you later !

  21. I am so, so deeply sorry for your loss. Our furbabies will live forever in our hearts, and I hope your many wonderful memories will help you find comfort. This was such a beautiful post.

  22. What a terrible telephone call to receive. I don't know if it's better to have warning of such a fate or not, but this event was cruel indeed. Please accept my condolences on Chloe's passing. Godspeed, Chloe.

  23. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. We are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Chloe♥

  24. Oh noes. I am so very sorry to hear abouts Chloe. I can't imagine how awful it was to lose her so suddenly. This was such a lovely tribute to your sweet gurl. Knows we are thinkin' of you as you grieve and get your balance back. Sendin' lots of love, AireZens and {{{hugs}}}
    Ruby ♥♥

  25. So sorry of the loss of your beautiful girl Chloe. Soft Pawkisses to comfort you. Fly free beautiful soul💗💗💗

  26. hugs to you all... there are no words to describe what we feel in such a moment... our tears are running with yours...

  27. So sorry your sweet Chloe had to leave. Gentle hugs and prayers for all.

  28. I am so sorry. It is never easy to say goodbye but when it is so unexpected, it takes your breath. I understand and am sending you lots of love and virtual hugs.

  29. Sending you understanding hugs....those goodbyes are the hardest things we do - believing one day we'll all be together gets us through. Chloe was gorgeous and I know she is a beautiful Angel now watching over all of you forever.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  30. Many hugs! I'm so sorry for your loss of Chloe.

  31. I am so very sorry for this great loss. It's heartbreaking to lose our babies.

  32. Run Free Sweet Chloe.

    ♥ Astro & Mitzie


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