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National Dog House Repair Month Comes to a Close. Is Your Dog House in Order?

Happy National Dog House Repair Month! Seriously. It was for the month of July. Now, I know we are all asking, "Who makes up these holidays and are they real?" And there really is an answer – well, two actually. One is non-canine related. It was established by a female florist who was promoting her business and has to do with repairing relationships and trying to "stay out of the dog house." Very clever. Okay, enough about humans. The canine version of the holiday is a time to check out your pet’s dog house and see if it…yes, you guess it…needs any repairs.  To left is our boy Gibson doing his best Snoopy imitation in what used to be his favorite perch up on the dog house. Here, little sis Chloe, a mere pup at the time, stretches up to see if she can join big brother atop the dog house. Note the chewed trim for later. (There will be a test - just kidding).   First, let me back track a little. Here is a photo of the cool, log cabin-style dog house my daughter and I