Sunday, August 1, 2010

National Dog House Repair Month Comes to a Close. Is Your Dog House in Order?

Happy National Dog House Repair Month! Seriously. It was for the month of July. Now, I know we are all asking, "Who makes up these holidays and are they real?" And there really is an answer – well, two actually. One is non-canine related. It was established by a female florist who was promoting her business and has to do with repairing relationships and trying to "stay out of the dog house." Very clever. Okay, enough about humans. The canine version of the holiday is a time to check out your pet’s dog house and see if it…yes, you guess it…needs any repairs. 

To left is our boy Gibson doing his best Snoopy imitation in what used to be his favorite perch up on the dog house. Here, little sis Chloe, a mere pup at the time, stretches up to see if she can join big brother atop the dog house. Note the chewed trim for later. (There will be a test - just kidding).
First, let me back track a little. Here is a photo of the cool, log cabin-style dog house my daughter and I  put together ourselves. It’s almost glowing, it’s so beautiful! Little did we know one of our proudest accomplishments was going to be very short-lived. Before I move on, note the clean, new edges. Nice, right?
The left photograph is of the sweethearts, Gibson and Harley, sharing the lovely new canine log home (which really sits under our kitchen window on our deck). Of course Harley is actually “in” the dog house, where she should be. Note the lovely wood trim. See those grooves? They are very rare. No two alike anywhere. Very unique…chew marks. For some reason, this log cabin dog house ranked high on the Sibes’ taste bud list. And this starter damage was done within hours…hours…of our putting it together.

Once the pups came along, the former beautiful log cabin once again became a giant chew toy until there was no dog house left. Oh, seriously. They chewed it faster than a swarm of termites. The roof wobbled (so it was too dangerous for Gib at 113 furry pounds of Sibe to sit on), the doorway was gone, and the sides all splintered by all the hungry, hungry Huskies. I’m not quite sure what the manufacturer put in the wood, maybe salmon or chicken or peanut butter, but it sure became a favorite appetizer for the five growing Sibes. A broken structure (along with our temporarily broken spirit), it could not possibly provide proper and safe shelter. Needless to say, as with all dilapidated buildings, this, too, had to be torn down, what little was left of it. Good thing the deck has a roof over it.


  1. Perhaps they were planning to move inside and take over your house.LOL

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  2. 113 lbs. of Sibe - seriously??? Now our Mom doesn't feel so bad that Thunder is now at 70. We can't have a dog house here unless it meets the silly requirements of our homes association - has to be same design and color as the house. But that's OK, we would probably chew ours too:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Considering our house is the dog's house, we really hope it is In good repair. Grins.

  4. They did move in and take over! LOL! They had the dog house on our deck for when they were outside, then since they took over the deck & patio furniture, we had a brand new roof constructed just for them! They also have the family room as their "bedroom" complete with their own A/C (spoiled much?!) and they roam the house (and munched their way through furniture, molding, etc.!) I do love the puppy stage, but that Magic Two is a great age when all the random chomping and chewing miraculously stops! We held off doing all repairs until that wonderful number! My 113 lb boy was 94 before all his seizure meds. We are slowly working our way down with a diet and fitness plan! Poor guys is just 4! But, he is doing very well on the meds!And his favorite room? The kitchen in front of the fridge!

  5. Wooos! I am with the herd, my house is the dog house, and at least I do not chew, but then again we have never had a puppy in the house, so I can't imagine what that must be like... I like standing on top of things too, but fur some reason, om yells at me to get off of the dining room table.
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira the BeaWootiful

  6. That log cabin dog house is gorgeous. I'm impressed! I guess our couch is my dog Kelly's "doghouse."

  7. We let our Dad stay in our house as long as he feeds us and takes us for walks and adventures, although if he does not sweep and vacuum more often we may have to evict him or charge him rent.

    It is hard to find dependable live in help.

    Remy and Flash

  8. Inever knew there was a dog house repair,maybe I am in the wrong business.

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