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Puppy Day on a Flashback Friday!

What a wonderful and fun way to welcome in the weekend, but with a Flashback to when my FiveSibes were all puppies! I always love looking back for photos to share on our Flashback Friday, but I had so much fun and lots of memories of precious moments of when my Huskies were pups. Now, if you ask them, and they are all now "seniors," they'd tell you they still are pups! At least at heart, they sure are! Now...where does the time go?!  "Puppies are the most trusting and joyous creatures on the planet. Oh, to be more like a puppy." ~Colleen Paige,  Founder of National Puppy Day For more info on National (now International) Puppy Day, founded by Colleen Paige, visit HERE. Reminder: March 26 is Purple Day® for Epilepsy Awareness. Be sure to come back and join us in our 4th Annual Blog Hop for K9 & Pet Epilepsy Awareness! Woo! I's Flashback Friday here all week! Have a pic of your pet(s) early days? Gotcha Day? Bi