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Fangirling "Frozen" on a Flashback Friday!

"The cold never bothered me anyway." ~Elsa, Snow Queen of Arendelle, Frozen Brrrrr.... so Mother Nature has decided to play a very dirty trick on us! After a typical January of snow and winter temps, came February, when she teased us with some unseasonably warm days. The past several days have been human-heavenly...sunny, lovely spring-like 70°F days, where we joined our FiveSibes in lazily lounging on our deck, dreaming of summer...(well, at least us humans were dreaming of summer. I am sure our Huskies were dreaming of snow)! Then today, we are kicking off March like a lion as we are in the middle of Winter Storm Riley, and apparently a "bombing out" as the weather folks say, for Riley is undergoing a "bombogenesis into a strong Nor'Easter with damaging winds." As I am writing this, I can hear the heavy winds as they are wildly gusting all around our house, eerily moaning out a tune in concert with our outdoor wind chimes that are now spinnin