Friday, March 2, 2018

Fangirling "Frozen" on a Flashback Friday!

"The cold never bothered me anyway."
~Elsa, Snow Queen of Arendelle, Frozen

Brrrrr.... so Mother Nature has decided to play a very dirty trick on us! After a typical January of snow and winter temps, came February, when she teased us with some unseasonably warm days. The past several days have been human-heavenly...sunny, lovely spring-like 70°F days, where we joined our FiveSibes in lazily lounging on our deck, dreaming of summer...(well, at least us humans were dreaming of summer. I am sure our Huskies were dreaming of snow)! Then today, we are kicking off March like a lion as we are in the middle of Winter Storm Riley, and apparently a "bombing out" as the weather folks say, for Riley is undergoing a "bombogenesis into a strong Nor'Easter with damaging winds." As I am writing this, I can hear the heavy winds as they are wildly gusting all around our house, eerily moaning out a tune in concert with our outdoor wind chimes that are now spinning and clanging in a frantic concert. Somewhere in the house a window is cracked open and the wind is howling in as the panes rattle. Needless to Huskies are not too happy--in or out. They are bored inside after spending the past few days outdoors for the most part. And with the wind and constant changing between snow, driving sleet and rain, going out also has them feeling unhappy. As a rule, Siberian Huskies do not like to get wet, and with the wind whipping around all the precipitation, they quickly get drenched, and their deck (which is housed under a roof) is completely soaked. So where is a Husky to go get happy? 

This hu-mom insists on their quick return inside from a potty break, for which they seem to pause and ponder. Reluctantly, they look at me before squinting their eyes shut against the wind and rain, as they make their back in from the deck (the whole five feet), acting as if they tapped into some long ago Siberian Husky relative surging on through the deep snow in an Arctic storm. Harley, Wolf, Bandit, and Chloe, push themselves through the pelting rain and sleet (under the covered deck) to begrudgingly come back inside our (warm and dry) house. Sorry, guys, it's just an indoor kind of day.  Apparently, a very long day if you are a Husky.

So, in honor of today's "kitchen sink" storm, our FiveSibes Flashback Friday photo is of our girl Bandit, back in the winter of 2015, when she had a bit of Husky-natured snow dog fun poking around in all the snow and channeling her inner Elsa of Disney's Frozen. 

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  1. That photo is priceless!!! We saw on the news how bad this storm is for some. We hope you will all be safe, but do enjoy the snow (that we do not have).

    Happy Dr. Seuss Day.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Brrrrrr! That made my whiskers shiver a bit!

  3. Stay safe and dry. I can deal with cold, scads of snow (or rain) but the wind...awk!!! Always makes me cranky.