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Blog the Change for Animals: Healthy Treats

Be the Change! Join in! Today is Blog the Change for Animals and I’d like to take this time to talk about something important - feeding healthy treats to our furry friends. Lately, there are many (too many) recalls of dog treats and warnings of not giving treats made in China to our dogs, as there has been a reported high (too high) number of dogs becoming sick and many even dying after ingesting treats in question. The FDA is looking into cases reported, but until all treats in question are actually pulled from the shelves of stores, our pets remain in possible grave danger. In an effort to help spread the word and hopefully prevent any more pets from dying and getting sick, we’ d like to share a few very informative websites and some great homemade safe treat recipes for our furkids. Here are some important pages to follow: Dog Food Advisor (you can sign up for recall alerts). U.S. Food & Drug Administration Animal Parents Against Pet Treats a