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Happy Birthday to My Daughter! Now go Jump in a Mud Puddle!

My Birthday girl and her furbaby, Harley. Happy Birthday to someone very special to daughter! It was through her love of Siberian Huskies and bringing our first pup, Harley, into our family that I was bit by the Husky bug! She is a wonderful daughter and Sibe-raising partner! I could never do what I do without her! I'm still amazed at how she trained three pups at one time! I would come home from the office and each day she would show me something new that Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit (also known at the Pupsters) could do. She would say, "Sit!" And in tandem...they would sit down. She would say, "Potty off the deck!" And again, like a little Siberian Husky train, they would trot in line off the deck to do their business. To this day, the three of them do things in the same style! My daughter also has the biggest heart. She rescued two starving stray and feral kittens who have grown into beautiful, healthy cats and now call this home.  All the love and b