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Spa Day for Wolfie

Wolfie looking beautiful as he stepped out of the mobile groomer's van! We love our groomer. She is so wonderful with Wolf. He is very vocal when getting bathed (as many Sibes are), and he does have some anxiety issues, so having him groomed by a caring groomer right at our home is great! Less stress for my boy and his hu-momma!   Check out those spiffy paws! He needed a good pawdicure and trimming of furry pads!   Look at that Sibe smile! He knows he lookin' good! What you don't see are our neighbors next to him who just finished petting him, and the neighbor with his cute little dog who I think my boy was flirting with! 13.5 going on 3!    Does your dog enjoy getting groomed? Back to FiveSibes Blog Home Pag e to Read Other Posts Visit our FiveSibes Website!       #ForeverFiveSibes  We love "Awww" moments (like Wolfie, all handsome & spiffy from Spa Day flirting with the neighbor's dog!) So we are hopping on the  Awww Monday Blog Hop hosted by Comed