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It's National Dog Day: Happy is Spelled D-O-G!

 "Happy" is Spelled D - O - G! Today is National Dog Day! While every day is "dog day" here, it is nice to have a special date to remind us about how special our dogs are, what we've learned from them, and that not all dogs are as fortunate as ours having loving families to be spoiled by and wonderful homes to live in. The numbers of dogs across the breeds; just the number of Huskies alone, who are homeless and waiting in shelters to be adopted or fostered, is just staggering. I'd love to see everyone take today (or any/every day) to not only appreciate the wonder of our beloved dogs, but to also think about a homeless dog in a nearby shelter. Maybe stop by for a quick visit, give a hug and treat, maybe ask to take the dog out for a walk, and bring a less fortunate dog some cheer so he/she can have a happy National Dog Day, too. And, please, don't overlook the special needs dogs. They deserve love, too! Maybe you can become an advocate for the sh