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Sending Comfort and Care to Huskies and Their Hu-Parents

Today's blog is dedicated to two furpals - Keva from Forida, and Zen from Canada. KEVA from Florida Keva is a senior Husky who is an amazing age of 16, and one of several furloves of her hu-daddy. Keva is now severely arthritic and sadly, is now failing and her hu-dad has been carrying her now to go for truck rides (which she loves!) She spends her days laying in the warm Florida sunshine surrounded by her hu-dad and her pack mates. Sadly, her hu-dad informs me she is getting ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge soon. Keva, you and are in our thoughts. May you stay strong girl. ZEN from Canada Zen is from Canada, and is in her final stages of battling cancer. Many already know of Zen and sister Freya who are both battling cancer. This past June, I posted a blog article titled, Zen & Freya: Waging War on Canine Cancer and About How Sometimes Asking for Help Brings Help to Others. According to her hu-mom, Zen wasn't feeling well the past few days and was back in to th