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Watching Autumn on a Flashback Friday

Today's FiveSibes Flashback Friday photo is of my sweet angel boy, Gibson, from a few years ago. He, like me, loved to go for walks, especially in the crispy Autumn leaves and in the freshly snow! Autumn has always been my very favorite time of year. I recall how Gibson loved to just watch the leaves as they floated down off the trees. I can remember this moment so very clearly as we had just left the house to go for our daily walk, when he paused, sat down next to our pumpkin and scarecrow, and assumed the Husky "watch" position! Oh, how he loved the cool weather and "swimming" in the fallen leaves, with many of them hitching a ride to his wooly fur! Autumn for Gibson was a time when he enjoyed  cooler temperatures and began anticipating the arrival of snow. These sweet memories keep him close in my heart...  for always. What do you and your pet enjoy the most about Autumn?       The Flashback Friday Blog Hop is brought to you by us -