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A Very Special Day to Give Thanks: Hu-Dad's Birthday & USA Memorial Day

Woo! This is one of my favorite photos of my hubby, the Hu-Dad, walking with Gibson, that I've shared before, but there's no other photo that quite captures the strong caring silence as this one. Hu-Dad keeps things going smoothly here at our FiveSibes Husky homestead! From building special needs ramp to constructing a deck roof just to keep the weather off the Huskies so they can still enjoy being outdoors, to carrying the pups when they had surgeries, to sharing his pizza crust, not asking what the latest vet bill was, and being a super-pooper-scooper! We are so thankful for him all  he does. He is the best and loved by me and his furry "kids!" Today is also Memorial Day - a day for us to remember and honor the fallen soldiers - both human and K9 - who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we may enjoy the freedoms we have today. We thank you and we will never forget.