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Enjoying Mother Nature's Winter Art

"What is THAT up there ??? " As the holiday song goes, the weather outside has indeed been frightful here in our area! First it snows, which is just beautiful. Then it dips down into sub-zero temperatures, which put us on the "frightful" map. The past two days teased us with near spring-like weather of near 40 degrees Farenheit, and the sounds of melting ice dripping has caught our Sibes' attention! Now we are looking at not one, but two, more snowstorms moving in this week. At least the Huskies will be happy! "It's pretty. Can I eat it?" And what has all this cold, warming, then freezing temperatures done? Why it has created some beautiful works of frozen art, compliments of Mother Nature! Each day, the icicles here have formed and changed shape, some measuring almost five feet in length, and depending at what time of day we view them, they range from glistening frozen drips of water to sparkling reflective spears of ice. Some are quite be