Enjoying Mother Nature's Winter Art

"What is THAT up there ???"
As the holiday song goes, the weather outside has indeed been frightful here in our area! First it snows, which is just beautiful. Then it dips down into sub-zero temperatures, which put us on the "frightful" map. The past two days teased us with near spring-like weather of near 40 degrees Farenheit, and the sounds of melting ice dripping has caught our Sibes' attention! Now we are looking at not one, but two, more snowstorms moving in this week. At least the Huskies will be happy!

"It's pretty. Can I eat it?"
And what has all this cold, warming, then freezing temperatures done? Why it has created some beautiful works of frozen art, compliments of Mother Nature! Each day, the icicles here have formed and changed shape, some measuring almost five feet in length, and depending at what time of day we view them, they range from glistening frozen drips of water to sparkling reflective spears of ice. Some are quite beautiful and I've had fun photographing them. Well, almost as much fun as the FiveSibes have had eating the broken chunks!

As always, a note of safety - before I let the FiveSibes out, I do an "icicle check" where I walk the length of the house and perimeter of their domain, and using a broom, I knock down any icicles so they don't pose a danger. With the enormous size of some of the icicles, getting struck on the head from falling ice could do some harm, so I remove them to avoid their letting go and falling down, like spears, to the ground (and hitting any Sibe or Human who may wander under them).

In honor of Hey Harriet's "Shadow Shot Sunday" we love to participate in, I thought I'd share a few of my photographs of the amazing formations with you. 

On a warming thought (for us Humans at least), winter is one-third over!  ;-)


  1. Yup, same thing here. Momma knocks down the icicles that are in our play area. I love it because they are great to nom on.


  2. OMD! Those icicles are so pretty! I've never seen those (though Ma has) and bet they would be good lickings!!!

    I hope my five Sibe furiends enjoy the snow and icicles while they last!!
    XXX Oz

  3. We have giant icicles like those on our house too! Those things can be deadly! But also tasty! :)

  4. Beautiful chilly shots! Icicles are so beautiful!

  5. Those icicle shots are so beautiful! What a great idea to have a Shadow Shot Sunday! Love it!

  6. Those are some dangerous-looking icicles in that last photo!


    If you see a shadow
    And want to keep it near,
    Point your trusty shooter
    (Make sure the lens is clear);
    Press with care the shutter,
    Do not slam or sock it—
    Then you’ll have a photo
    To carry in your pocket!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Stumbling Drunk with Ecstasy

  7. We don't get snow in this part of the world so it is something that we learn, about the icicle check. Those icicles look pretty though.

  8. Those are really giant icicles. They are pretty to look at though! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  9. Beautiful photos!!! We are sad that winter is a third of the way over.:(

    Teddy Bear

  10. Wow!
    Big and beautiful icicles! Sure is cold there!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. I get so nervous about icicles here too! But they sure are beautiful:)

  12. In Finland I saw huge icicles but here in Casablanca no ice, just in rain form :)
    Hope your week will be good!

  13. Nice ice pix!
    Now can we have spring?!

  14. Great pictures today... Love the icicles!

  15. We have the same stuff here. First snow, then warmer, then really warm - 55 here on Friday - now cold again, freezing rain today and a blizzard coming tomorrow!!! Mom says she is glad we were all ccoped up at the spa(kennel) for the weekend so Ciara couldn't get all muddy with the warm weather thaw.

    That first photo is just so beautiful!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Icicles are so pretty


  17. They are so pretty...and they do look a bit dangerous. :)

  18. Love those icicle photos! I know you guys love the winter weather, but I would imagine everyone has a limit. Hang in there!!

  19. Wow..wicked icicles!

    Great piccies.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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