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Saving Lily Girl ❤ A Rescue Story

"I'm free!" woos Lily Girl. Photo by Holly Stoddard   I am feeling on top of the World! Why? Because of wonderful, caring friends and strangers who in an instant in time all worked together from various parts of the country to save a Siberian Husky headed for death. A pretty Husky girl a shelter called "Girl" was scheduled to be euthanized in Upstate, New York today. It all started with a forwarded group Email from a wonderful friend of mine and fellow Husky Mom, Holly of Rochester, NY, (of the Holly and the Huskies blog) that arrived two days ago with the subject: "URGENT RESCUE NEEDED" asking if anyone could help network her and maybe get her saved.  There were only two days for this girl to live, before the shelter would euthanize her.  The face that launched thousands of shares! Of course I shared the two photos on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page and Twitter of this pretty Siberian Husky. Th