Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saving Lily Girl ❤ A Rescue Story

"I'm free!" woos Lily Girl. Photo by Holly Stoddard

 I am feeling on top of the World! Why? Because of wonderful, caring friends and strangers who in an instant in time all worked together from various parts of the country to save a Siberian Husky headed for death.

A pretty Husky girl a shelter called "Girl" was scheduled to be euthanized in Upstate, New York today. It all started with a forwarded group Email from a wonderful friend of mine and fellow Husky Mom, Holly of Rochester, NY, (of the Holly and the Huskies blog) that arrived two days ago with the subject: "URGENT RESCUE NEEDED" asking if anyone could help network her and maybe get her saved. 

There were only two days for this girl to live, before the shelter would euthanize her. 

The face that launched thousands of shares!

Of course I shared the two photos on our FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews Facebook page and Twitter of this pretty Siberian Husky. The thought that this girl faced death...for what reason? troubled me to the core. I know there are hundreds of cases each and every day, and that's just one breed of dog...but she just had to be saved...
Then...a village came alive to help her...folks shared, a Husky Mom named Melissa stepped forward from Maine to comment on our page that she would foster. She needed someone to pull the Husky and also needed some help with transporting her. I contacted Ron DeMauro (at a very early hour!) from Trooper Husky Rescue in Oneida, NY and he immediately stepped up to contact the shelter and make arrangements to pull this girl. 

Then Holly went and picked her up from the shelter and is keeping her safe in her home until she transports "Lily Girl" (she even gave her a name!) to Trooper Husky Rescue this weekend, where she will receive immediate vet care and then be turned over to her new foster hu-mom Melissa... and then beautiful Lily Girl will embark upon her new life! All thanks to networking! 

Just waiting in the shelter waiting for love....
And if anyone ever thinks they are not helping by sharing a Facebook post, a Twitter tweet, or an Email about a homeless dog or a one in urgent need...please share Lily Girl's story with them because sharing really is caring...and thanks to everyone's care, a Husky has been saved almost at the midnight hour! Miracles can happen...and they did for Lily Girl in the matter of two days and the power of social networking.

You can also check out Lily Girl's story and "Thank You" over on Holly's blog HERE. I hope you'll pop over and also welcome Holly and her Huskies - Boo, Timber, Ariel, Nala, pup Chip, and FurAngel Oreo to our wonderful, special world her at Blogville! They are new to blogging, and I'm so glad she and her beautiful furkids are part of our great community! Be sure to let her know we asked you to stop by...and give her a howl! She's an amazing person...she literally dropped everything to be sure Lily Girl was picked up and safe with her today!

This was a an update I was so pleased to post:

Here's some wonderful photos taken by Holly of Lily Girl's first moments of freedom!

Lily Girl is so happy to be free!
Lily Girl meets her first friend, Boo Stoddard!

First dip in a pool as a free Husky!

 Stopping to sniff the flowers!

A very happy Husky!
On behalf of Lily Girl...a huge and heartfelt thanks to Ron of Trooper Husky Rescue, Holly of Holly and the Huskies, foster hu-mom Melissa, and each and every person who shared Lily Girl's photo and request for help! It did indeed take a village...but a beautiful Husky was saved!

Trooper Husky Rescue is asking for donations to help with Lily Girl's vetting...donations can be called in directly to Chittenango Animal Hospital, 1319 W. Genessee Street, Chittenango, NY 13037 at: (315) 687-6131 and please tell them your donation is for "Lily Girl" under Ron DeMauro of Trooper Husky Rescue's account. 

It's been a great day...hope yours has been too! 

Lily Girl...beautiful and free!


  1. Fabulous, we shall paw a little $ to help.

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  2. Fantastic story! Social media really works wonders. I am so glad she is getting another chance at life!

  3. That is AWESOME!! It is amazing how networking pulls things together so fast to help this precious girl and so many others.

    Welcome Home Lily Girl! We hope you find a wonderful furever home with all the care and love you deserve!!