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Blog the Change: Help Huskies in Need

T oday is a day for joining other animal lovers across the globe to blog, tweet, and share a good cause or person who benefits, helps, or cares for animals during the Blog the Change hosted by Be the Change for Animals. T here are so many causes that are near and dear to my heart. Today, I would like to talk about Siberian Husky rescues. Throughout each state across the country and the world, there are volunteer rescues who depend on the funds and service, including many Siberian Husky rescues. While there are wonderful breeders out there, if you or a friend are thinking about adding a beautiful Sibe to your family, maybe think about adopting one from one of the rescue shelters. You can do a Google search and click on the website of ones in your area and check out photos of the beautiful Huskies available to loving, forever homes. If you can't adopt one at this time, maybe you could think about fostering one until a Hu-family is located. Donations in the form of money, time, and