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Today is a day for joining other animal lovers across the globe to blog, tweet, and share a good cause or person who benefits, helps, or cares for animals during the Blog the Change hosted by Be the Change for Animals.

There are so many causes that are near and dear to my heart. Today, I would like to talk about Siberian Husky rescues. Throughout each state across the country and the world, there are volunteer rescues who depend on the funds and service, including many Siberian Husky rescues. While there are wonderful breeders out there, if you or a friend are thinking about adding a beautiful Sibe to your family, maybe think about adopting one from one of the rescue shelters. You can do a Google search and click on the website of ones in your area and check out photos of the beautiful Huskies available to loving, forever homes. If you can't adopt one at this time, maybe you could think about fostering one until a Hu-family is located. Donations in the form of money, time, and services are also always, always welcome.

Nikko is living at Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida and is ready for his forever home!

As I have said many times, it is a sad fact that all too often folks fall in the love with the beauty of the Siberian Husky without first doing research into the needs and characteristics of the breed before buying or adopting one. Then, when they hit the age of approximately one to two years old, there is a high rate of people turning them into shelters as they can not deal with their "destructive," "aggressive," or "energetic" ways. This is sad. First, a Sibe is not aggressive by nature. Any Sibe owner can attest to that fact. People make or allow Sibes to be aggressive. They are not born that way. Recently, there was a very sad Sibe story right here in my own hometown. A one-year-old Sibe was brought in to a vet's office after being hit by a car. Sad enough.  But then the owner informed the vet he wanted to put the Sibe down because he was "aggressive" toward him. I heard about this story after it had all been done. How heartbreaking - a beautiful one-year pup is hit by a car and then instead of receiving help, it gets a death sentence because some ill-informed owner did not properly train his Sibe.

Another case in point, a couple living in a large city buys a husky pup from a breeder. They kennel it all day as they both work. Sometimes work last long into the evenings, or there are events after work and they can only make it home to take the Sibe out for a quick walk to relieve him/herself. Then back into the kennel, or let loose in the apartment. That is the extent of the exercise and family bonding. Why then, would they be surprised to come home and find that their leather sofa has been chewed up, the clothes ripped apart, plants dug up, and more? Where does the poor, confined Sibe wind up? At a rescue or shelter...or if they are not so lucky, worse. Thank God for the rescue and shelter volunteers. They take in the homeless Sibes and care for them, see to their health needs and vet checks, and love them all while trying to find them a forever home.

Rescue and shelter Siberian Huskies are not any lesser of a dog. Some started out as pups from a breeder's litter, some are mixed bred, some come from owners who have passed away, some Sibes are runaways, and some have been abandoned. Whatever the reason they wind up homeless, these Sibes have so much love to give, and that is all they want in return...with a side order of food and exercise!

If you are thinking about a Husky, please check out a rescue. And remember, you are not limited to your specific locale. Many of these wonderful folks will transport the dog part or all the way. So please, pick up a phone and give them a call...and a donation and huge "Thank You" too!

Here are several Husky rescues that I list on my blog's sidebar that are worth a vist, and there are so many more.  Stop by one today!

As I said on a slideshow I produced for the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida posted here in December, please "Have a Heart; Help a Husky" today. The love and licks you will get for providing a forever home for a homeless Sibe are so worth it. I guarantee it.


  1. Wonderful to see there are so many organizations out there to help Huskies in need. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beth here....oh I do understand about certain breeds. There are so many that think Newfies are the "cutest" thing ever and get one without doing any research about the breed to see what they are all about. I try to educate as many as I can when they get all goo goo over Remington. We have had Newfies in our life for the past 16 years and truly love the breed -- but as with Huskies there is so much more that people need to know....EDUCATION is the most important thing for ANY animal brought into a person's family! They all deserve forever loving homes!

  3. What sad stories -- mixed with the happy news that there are so many rescue groups to help save these beautiful dogs.

  4. I have never met a Siberian Husky in person. I'd love to meet your beautiful dogs some day, they are wonderful. Sad some people adopt these dogs (or any) without any idea of giving them the time to run, exercise and play.

  5. As a family of rescued Siberian Huskies, you hear us howling AMEN to your post!

  6. I hope that lots of Sibes are able to find their very own furever homes. My momma works on Weimaraner Rescue so many purebred and mixed breeds that need good homes.

  7. Such a great post! Our BFF is a Husky and we love him dearly.:)

    Teddy Bear

  8. As a former guest at The York County Bed & Breakfast and SPCA, I paw BRAVO!

    Only one of the Sibes that have been a part of my mom's life khame from a breeder -

    Two of them even khame from TOTTSHR!

    We aren't always the easiest breed but we certainly are the most special ;-)


  9. What a great cause. I follow one here in MN and I know how hard it is to find homes for some of the coolest dogs around. I'm glad you shared some stories with folks too. The sad truth is that many people buy a dog or get one without doing their research. I think if more people had to take a class about their breed and what you can expect when you get a dog, the world would be a better place. Your description of Siberians could just as well fit Border Collies. So glad you can educate people and promote a good cause!

  10. That is such a wonderful post!!! Hey, y'all sure are gorgeous and thanks for hopping over my way. I'm so happy you are part of the change!

  11. A wonderful post in support of the many rescues for Sibes! Thank you for sharing!
    xxx Oz the Terrier (a Sibe-wannabe)

  12. That is a wonderful post. Recently we had a Sibe in the shelter where I live. I wanted to run down there and rescue him because I love Sibes so much. He was listed as an escape artist. I, luckily for his sake and mine, found out more about Sibes and decided I couldn't be able to handle the dog and he sure wouldn't be happy here. He would jump over my fence in a heartbeat and be gone again. He ended up getting adopted shortly after that by someone that could give him a great home. Research is very important. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  13. Someone thought a one-year-old dog was too aggressive? We think that's still kind of a puppy, and all puppies can seem aggressive when we play! But we don't mean it! We are glad there are so many people doing GOOD for pets to balance off the people who are doing BAD.

  14. Thanks for posting! There really are so many breeds of dogs that seem amazing to outsiders (either looks, trainability, personalities, etc) but really should have more research done before bringing them into the home... huskies are certainly one of those breeds! Love the list of various rescues!

  15. You make an excellent point about the need for adopters to be aware of what a particular dog's needs are. Thank you for pointing out the needs of a husky; they are without question beautiful and loving!

  16. What a great, informative post (and, unfortunately sad too). Such a beautiful breed, but just as you said, people need to do their research before adopting. We have the same issues in Havanese -- adorable little furballs -- but they are smart and energetic and thrive on lots of attention. Cosmo just got a big hug! Thanks for your post!

  17. Wonderful post, and a great cause to highlight. Your stories broke my heart though - especially the one about the one-year old dog that was put down. :(


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