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In the Shadows of a Tree on Earth Day

The FiveSibes™ LOVE the Earth! And it's a double shot Shadow Shot Sunday here! First was Wolf's Shadow Shot posted earlier today, and now it's an Earth Day Shadow Shot featuring four of our Sibes relaxing in the yard in one of their favorite spots in the Earth under the shadows of the tree branches, not yet bloomed. "Friendship is a sheltering tree."  ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge And in a tribute to our planet, here's a great trailer for a region that is home to the Siberian Husky, the Arctic. Enjoy! Let's all do something good for our planet today and everyday! Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Wolf in the Shadows; Wolf in the Light

My favorite Easter shot of Wolf, "Guardian of the Colored Eggs" In the Shadow, In the Light                   I promise you, for all my life             I'll be Always on your side             In the shadow, in the light.             I'll follow you, wherever life goes             But I'll always be aside             In the shadow, in the light...             Caravan of life             By day and by night             Every tile's a part of life             If it's shadow, or if it's light             I promise you, even when the tide is high             I'll be always on your side             In the shadow, in the light      ~Enigma Shadow Shot Sunday 2