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Pool Time! Stay Cool Time!

    Fill this thing up, Hu-Mom! But not too full! Woo! After days of rain it came out a warm one today! Time to fill the pool to keep cool! While some of my other FiveSibes loved the pool - like Harley (could not keep that girl out! And she loved to play with the hose water!), Bandit, and Gibson, too, loved the pool and hose. Wolfie on the other hand is a bit stand-offish like his sis Chloe was. He likes to dip his paws in and drink some of the cold water, but splashing and playing is just not his thing! Affiliate Notice: The following contains a link to Amazon, where we are an affiliate. This simply means if you click on the link and purchase an item, we will receive a very small compensation, *at no extra cost to you.*  We thank you for this! Another way I like to help Wolfie stay cool is with a dog cooling collar (I use Kool Collar and you slip pre-made ice packs inside)! I have used these for years for my Huskies, beginning with my Epi-dog, Gibson (heat can be a trigger for seizur