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Pucker Up! It's National Kissing Day!


It All Began With A Beautiful, Blue-Eyed Sibe Smile on a Flashback Friday!

My journey to becoming the FiveSibesMom, unbeknownst to me at the time, all began 10 years ago with the addition of this beautiful, blue-eyed, eight-week-old Siberian Husky puppy who was to become our future FiveSibes alpha queen and surrogate momma to our three Pupsters...the one, the only, Harley Mari! Oh, and what a wonderful, blessed journey this is! As a photojournalist by trade, it has been such a pleasure to segue my writing and photography features and educational stories into writing and sharing my photographs to shine a light on the wonderful breed of Siberian Huskies and to share our FiveSibes lives with our readers. Today's flashback is not only filled with joyful memories, but a wonderful opportunity to happily reminisce and share the origins of our amazing, loving, and oh-so-lovable FiveSibes! The whole purpose of my starting this FiveSibes Flashback Friday Blog Hop was so we can all have the opportunity to stroll down Memory Lane and relive those younger days