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Flashback Friday #17: Hey! Hey! It's the Pupsters!

The Pupsters: Sibe Babies Chloe, Wolfgang, and Bandit! Hey! Hey! We 're the Pupsters...we're just playing around...we can be so silly...we' re the best pups in town! Today's Flashback Friday is a special day as it precedes tomorrow's BIG Pupsters' event! You''ll have to come back to check out what it is and join us in having s ome fun! This photo is when our little cuties first came home to join Harley, Gibson, and our family when they were just 14 weeks old!  How was it raising three Siberian pups at one time? The best experience of a lifetime! While triple the work (especially the potty was a quite the scene at first!)'s triple the love, triple the fun, and triple the kisses! It's so cool to see the bonds they formed and still have with each other. My daughter did a lot of the early training with them and since she taught all three at one time, to this day they still take their commands and do it