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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving and a time of reflection, giving thanks. Last week, we featured a Thankful Thursday , where we celebrated all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for, and there's so much more. We also, of course, love eating turkey and all the yummy fixin's! The FiveSibes celebrated this day in all the enjoyable ways a Sibe can. Kicking off the holiday, we watched the Macy's Day Parade. Wolf wants to know how why he wasn't in it aboard a sled float with his pack family. Maybe next year, Wolf??? Then Wolf and sis Chloe kept getting running about and getting excited when they heard the words "turkey" and "yummies." Chloe, Harley & Wolf howled their Thanksgiving greetings for all to hear!   Sisters Bandit & Chloe checking in on the status of the stuffing. All FiveSibes waited very patiently knowing their turn for turkey would be coming very soon. Later in the day it was time to work off some of the turkey and sweet potat