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Woo! It's Friday! We Have a Question for You!

We are so ready for the weekend...(especially Gibson!) about you? Any special plans? Once things settle down here a bit more, we will return to our "Flashback Fridays" and hope you'll all come back and join in again! We just love looking at those pics! Quick Survey Question : Many of us who blog love to have comments left to our posts (which are always great to read), and sometimes they read posts, but don't comment, and that's okay, too.  Some bloggers do post a "reply" to each of the comments visitors leave, and some bloggers don't. Inquiring minds here at the FiveSibes dog house would like to know what you like...if you could leave a comment with your thoughts, that would be great! Just choose from below and leave it in a comment! Thanks so much! Let us know by commenting with an A or B, indicated below: A. - I would love to have a reply to my comment!  or B - I don't subscribe to comments, so whatever you like! Than