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#FiveSibes Do The Monster Mash on #FlashbackFriday!

  FiveSibes Flashback ~ Halloween 2010   BooOooooWooooOooooo! It's that spooktacularly fun time of year - Howl-o-ween! I'm sure most of you have bought a fun JibJab video at some time or another, aren't they a blast?! Plus, the song "Monster Mash" is always a hoot! This video my daughter did for me and it features our FiveSibes (pictured l-r): Wolfgang (as the Werewolf, of course!), Bandit as the Vampiress, Chloe as the Mad Scientist, Gibson as the (lovable) FrankenMonster, and Harley as none other than the Monster Queen! Oh, how these flashbacks bring a smile to my face! There was always some type of wild and crazy Sibe shenanigans going on, and I loved every minute of it! So grab some Halloween treats for you and your furry loves, kick back, turn up the volume, and have a frightfully fun time watching this fun video! (My grandson has watched it several times and giggled each time, especially when the Were"Wolfie" grumbles)!     "It's all just